Chapter I

I always have liked to observe others. I have always liked to interact with others. Ever since I was a child I remember enjoying spending time with friends, adults, family – talking, playing or simply being. When I was a teenager, I remember how I would sit on the bus and just take in all that was happening. A mom talking to her child; a couple arguing; an elderly woman sitting by herself, reading a book. I would think about what they were saying, thinking, what their lives were like.

Then, I went to college. I chose Psychology. Not a big surprise, I guess. That’s when I started to learn the theory to some of the practice I had been doing informally. But, most importantly, it gave me different lenses to look at the world. The lens that considers human development, the lens that takes into account family dynamics, the lens that never forgets personal experiences.

When I came to the US to do a Post-Graduate in Infant-Parent Mental Health, a new lens was created. One that incorporates so many factors previously studied and combines them in order to understand babies, their needs, their interactions, and their development. That’s when I knew I had found my preferred lens!

I thought about creating a blog where I could publish observations the same way you can keep a picture. Being around children every day can bring the funniest and most interesting observations and statements that no adult could ever come up with. I hope to post some of these along side with thoughts, theories and experiences that relate to two tiny feet, exploring a big world, with an open heart!


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