Life happens

It has been a year since I started this blog. I had just come from another stimulating training and was inspired. I wanted to share so many of my ideas, thoughts and observations.

Then, life happened! You get caught up with work, family, work (again) … And some things are not priorities any more. And that’s okay. Maybe that was not the right time. I am a firm believer that people can change, but I also believe that what has to happen, happens. It’s a matter of what you do with what happens, that makes the difference.

So, here I am! In Los Angeles, for another Zero to Three National Training Institute surrounded by 2000 other people, that just like me, want to be a “big voice, for little kids”. Also, I reunited with my fellow colleagues and professors from the Infant-Parent Mental Health program who served, and continue serving as an example and inspiration to make me want to be even better at what I do. All of this inspired me again. I had been thinking about coming back to this blog and today was the day I was committed to do so.

Someone once told me that I would have a very noble job. I didn’t quite know what they meant. Besides, I was already in the Psychology field, and as oriented to others as that can be, I didn’t quite know if others considered it noble. Now, I get it! People tell you that no one can change the world. I disagree. Not only do I disagree, as I see everyday how I CAN change the world. I work with babies, I work with the future! Can I change the world in one day? No. But I can impact one family, one new life, one future adult, that can make the world a better place. Change doesn’t just happen. You can’t wait for everything in your life or in the world to be better, in order to change yourself. Change happens one person at a time and you have to hope that others are doing their share of the deal trying to make this place a better place to live. That being said, I guess I do have a very noble job!

Working with babies is not just about how cute they are. Working with babies is about creating a better future… For them, for their families, and for our society.



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