Playing in the Snow

Last week we finally had a decent snow storm in Boston. Although we had some sprinkles of snow to make for a White Christmas, the first “real” snow of the season came in the New Year.

I have an interesting relationship with the snow. When the first snow falls, I love it. “Look at it, so cute!”. I will stand at the window watching it fall or go outside and feel the first flakes fall on my hand. But, after the first snow storm, the first shoveling out at 7AM to get to work or after the first slip and fall on black ice… that cute, adorable snow, loses the enchantment and I just find myself looking at the Weather Channel all winter long, hoping that if it does snow, that it’s during the weekend.

But I have to admit… snow is beautiful! The weekend it snowed I went for a walk in a nearby park to check out the Winter Wonderland landscape.


As I was walking into the park you could see the usual: people running, people walking their dogs, etc. But as soon as you walked in you could hear the giggles of children playing in the snow. And it wasn’t only children laughing, it was the grown-ups, as well. As I followed the sound it became clearer and I could see what the laughter was all about. There it was: a small slope that was taken over by children and parents all sledding down energetically.

Sledding With Dad II | Vickie Wade Fine Art

It was contagious positive energy, contagious laughter. Although I was not prepared to do any type of sledding of my own, I stood there and watched for a while. I remembered being a child and playing with my sibling in the snow, throwing snow balls and making snowmen. If you live or were raised somewhere with a snowy winter, these are memories that you will always have and remember.


So I was just standing there observing the joy of those kids, while they were coming down that slope of snow, but ultimately, I was watching a family make memories. Sometimes we forget how the small moments are the actual unforgettable ones. Sometimes we forget how important it is to relax and just be silly and have fun. Sometimes we forget how important it is to share these moments with our kids, so they will have fun and happy memories that will stay with them forever.


So with or without snow, get out, play, have fun, and create some lasting memories!


4 thoughts on “Playing in the Snow

    • I was looking for pictures for my post and saw your beautiful painting. I hope you did not mind the reference, but that way I used a great picture and shared your wonderful art work. Thank you and enjoy the winter!

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