Being Pregnant: 1st trimester must-haves

first trimester pregnancy

I want to share with you my secret survival kit for my 1st trimester of pregnancy.

Even though I was not spending most of my time in the bathroom, like many other people experience – sorry gals! – I was unable to eat many, many, many things, due to the ongoing nausea and food aversion. Here was a list of things that helped me literally survive the 1st trimester, since they were almost all that I was eating. Also, despite the non-eating and non-weight gain in the 1st trimester, surprisingly, that belly still started to pop, so I also share my favorite item for the growing belly.

#1 – Clementines, saltines & pickles 

Yes, these were the main items I ate during 2-3 months of pregnancy. The typical movie-like scene you see of pregnant women feeling horrible when they smell certain foods: 100% correct. I would go through a box of clementines in 3 days, since that was the only appetizing thing for me. Well, that and other citrus things like orange juice, lemonade, etc. I always liked clementines, but it just became my best friend during these months.


Saltines… helped me survive. It gave me the crunch I needed for snack time, it was on my bed-side table to munch during the night (since it was supposed to ease nausea) and I munched on them every time I felt I was getting hungry and didn’t feel like anything else. We went through some boxes of these.


Pickles. Well, pickles basically helped me eat my meals. Even if I did not have much of an appetite, if I put some pickles in my sandwich or entrée… I was able to eat it! Why? Not sure… guessing because of the sweet smell and the acid taste, but pickles were my meal helper that allowed me to eat other things besides clementines and saltines.


I should probably also mention the fruit smoothies. Fresh, fruity, and with protein, they were many times my main meal during the 1st trimester…also another savior!

#2 – PsiBands

psi bands

What are PsiBands, you ask? These basic bracelets that have a salient half circle that put pressure on a point that is supposed to reduce nausea. Sounds crazy? I thought so too. But desperate times, call for desperate measures and I decided to try them. I got mine at Babies’R’Us for $12.99 and I swear by them! Was it placebo effect or real effect…. I don’t even think it matters… because they worked for me! Fortunately, my first trimester was during the winter, so I was able to easily hide these with long-sleeved clothes and avoid any questions about what the heck they were. So, they kept me feeling better (not 100%) and more able to keep the secret at work.

#3 – BellaBand

bella band

Despite not gaining weight the 1st trimester, bloating and other changes in my body started to happen, making it hard or at least uncomfortable to button those pants. Too early for maternity clothes, the Bella Band helped me wear my own pants until I was ready (not ready, but in desperate need) to buy and wear maternity pants. I got mine at Macy’s Motherhood department for $16.98 and would totally recommend it. They come in different colors, so they are easily mistaken for a tank top. You just put it on top of your unbuttoned pants and go about your day. I have to say, for heavier jeans, it wasn’t the best thing, because it wouldn’t hold them up as well, but it did the trick and was very useful until I gave into the maternity pants later on. Since the bump on the picture is not a 1st trimester bump, I should say that I used mine folded in half, which provided extra support over the pants.

#4 Preggie Pop Drops

These miracle workers were also a great help during the 1st trimester. As soon as I started feeling queasy, I had a drop or a lollipop and it settled my stomach for a little bit. I think because of the strong citric and acid flavors, these or other drops can do the trick. However, these are all natural (some are also organic) and pregnancy safe. I got a 2 pack from for $8.74 and bought more at Babies’R’Us, as well.

preggie pops

So in the spirit of celebrating my 1st trimester, I  want to give out 2 packages of Preggie Pops. To enter the giveaway please check-out our Facebook Page or click on the link on the sidebar. On Friday we will randomly pick 2 winners and send out the prize!


3 thoughts on “Being Pregnant: 1st trimester must-haves

    • Thanks for your comment and advice! I have heard that many pregnant women have lived on citrus their first trimester. I haven’t heard of the Gin Gins, but maybe another reader will benefit (or me, the next time around lol) Thanks!

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