Pregnancy Brain: is it real?

I had always heard about pregnancy brain or pregnancy fog, but never quite knew what people meant… until it happened to me!

Since I have been pregnant my concentration levels are as low as can be, my mind scatters easily, and I seem to forget the most simple things. I feel like a squirrel trying to cross the road –  trying to move forward, but then I remember something I needed to do and get all scattered: should I just keep going or turn back? The funniest effect I have noticed are on my usually sharp bilingual skills. Now there are times where I just stop and can not remember for the life of me how to say a certain word, sometimes in English, sometimes in Portuguese.

Being someone who is usually pretty organized, that likes to do things as soon as possible, and is an avid multi-tasker… this change has been really hard and has affected my daily routines quite a bit, like for example one of my favorite things: writing on this blog. I have sat down in front of this screen several times in the last month to try to write some posts… but nothing happens.

So, is pregnancy brain a real thing? I looked up some research and there seems to be inconsistent findings and just not enough studies on this matter. Some studies say that there is no impact on the brain or on the women’s IQ level, but that the women’s perception on their performance is lower, even though their results are the same as pre-preganancy. However, other studies have found decreased levels of concentration and memory. Either way, most research says that a majority of women experience symptoms of forgetfulness, lack of concentration, and not feeling cognitively as sharp.

How not to feel this way? With lack of sleep, an overflow of hormones, aches and pains, a bucket list of baby things to do and buy, a million doctor appointments, and all the normal maternal anxieties added to the mix… concentrating is really hard!

So, bump up the to-do lists, the post-it notes, the alerts on your phones… because in order to keep everything under control and on track… you are going to need it!

pregnancy brain

Has anyone else experienced pregnancy brain? What was it like for you?



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