Being Pregnant: 2nd trimester overview

For sure the first trimester dragged along compared to the second that just flew by. I think the secrecy allied with the nervousness of the first trimester just makes it seem like it is lasting forever. My 2nd trimester wasn’t the most energetic time that everyone says it will be, but it was for sure filled with awesome and unforgettable movements.

I think the perfect label for the 2nd trimester is: “It’s real, I am having a baby”.  After reaching 13 weeks and turning that corner, you are able to shout out to the world you are having a baby. Besides sharing all the joy you’ve been hiding, it makes it real. Having others ask you about you, the baby, and your plans just makes the baby part of your daily life.

The 2nd grand moment of this trimester – the long-awaited ultrasound! This was the best moment! Being able to see our baby with all its little parts and pieces in place, and knowing it is healthy, is just a blessing. Obviously, for those who choose to find out the sex, like we did, made it even more interesting, because then we started not only imagining our little baby, but our little girl! Again, things start to get more real…

Speaking of real, what makes it more real than starting to feel your baby move? I was so excited when I felt the first kicks of our little one! It was a strange feeling, like “what’s happening in here?”, but at same time the most wonderful sensation. As time went by and I started feeling her more and more… it just felt like we were having our own little conversations/interactions. Sharing it with daddy-to-be, was also amazing! I will never forget the look on his face when he felt her move for the first time! It was like he too was getting to share the experience of “carrying” this baby. Not the same, but a very close second.

We are forgetting the obvious reason that makes the 2nd trimester such a reality check: the growing belly! Some people show sooner than others, but at 21 weeks… I was clearly showing off the bump (and rocking a bridesmaid outfit, by the way). It is so nice when you pass the point of “is she just getting really fat” to the point where it is obvious you are pregnant! First, the staring and wondering looks are replaced by nice and genuine smiles. People have never been nicer since I’ve been pregnant! Everyone smiles, offers help, wishes good luck… something about new life just brings out the best in people, I guess.

Finally, for me, when I reached my 6th month, I realized: “oh, damn, there is so much stuff I need to do”, which was the last reality check that this was really happening. We need furniture, baby stuff (oh my god, how much baby stuff do we need?!), figure out childcare arrangements, etc. It was a little panic moment, that served it’s purpose to spring us into action.

And so the 2nd trimester flew by, filled with awesome moments that filled our hearts with joy. It made it real. We are having a baby. We are having a baby girl. We need to get all our things ready… because there is no doubt that our heart already is!




2 thoughts on “Being Pregnant: 2nd trimester overview

  1. I remember when it got to this point and I heard my son kick, it was MAGIC!
    Yeah, now is when it hits home that the baby is coming.
    My advice; start shopping! It’s crazy how much work it is.

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