Being Pregnant: 3rd Trimester must-haves

I hesitated on whether or not to write this post simply because I felt like the must-haves of the 3rd trimester were very similar to the 2nd. Also, most of your focus has shifted to baby products and must-haves. And finally,  you just don’t have the energy anymore to even think about what you need.  But, in order to finish the trilogy, here goes my 2 cents on this topic.

#1 Maternity Clothes

You will need a lot of it! Anything that makes you and your growing belly feel comfortable (and preferably still stylish). Here were my recommendations in my 2nd trimester post.

# 2 Pillows

A lot of them, as well! Like I said in my 2nd trimester post, I made the mistake of not purchasing any special pregnancy pillows, so I will not make any recommendation except: buy one! I will most definitely not make the same mistake again my 2nd time around. This time, I managed with 3-4 pillows positioned under my neck, belly, legs, etc. However, if you take into account how many times you get up during a night… all this re-positioning becomes extremely tiring. So… go off and splurge! Buy yourself a pregnancy pillow!

# 3 Massages

Actually this should be #1. With all the aches and pains and sleepless nights, you will appreciate it the indulgence. You will enjoy a massage on your swollen legs and feet, your aching back, and your tense shoulders. And let’s face it: you deserve it! Whether you spend the money on it or you harass your husband, mother, friends for it… there is no one that deserves that extra time and pamper than you! You that are logging around that developing little human (and all the extra pounds that come with it).

In my area, the local Destination Maternity Store has a specialty spa inside – Edamame Maternity Spa. If you have one in your area, I would totally recommend it. Unfortunately, I didn’t experience a prenatal massage, since I ended up focusing on my swollen feet and legs. But, I most definitely recommend their Comfort Zone Vital Leg Treatment. I did it twice and it brought me so much relief. It basically consists of a treatment to your legs with several products, wrapping, and massaging. While your legs are wrapped, you get a relaxing upper body massage that relieves all the tension in your shoulders and head. Besides leaving feeling relaxed and renewed, I saw a big difference in my legs in the next few days, with a decrease in the swelling that lasted 4-5 weeks.

So as my conclusion: indulge and spend some money on yourself. We tend to already put our babies first, even before they are born. But, this is such a journey with so much physical change and challenges. You deserve to pamper yourself and try things that will make you feel better. That way you can continue to glow until the day of your little one’s arrival!





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