Being Pregnant: 3rd Trimester Overview

Early Tuesday morning I started this draft about my third trimester of pregnancy. Little did I know that later that day I would be going into labor (even though the baby was only born 2 days later, but that’s a story for another post). So the draft has been pending on my WordPress for almost two months now. However, here is the post, as written that same day:

Tuesday, October 15th 2013

I have to admit – I never thought that I would be one of those unfortunate people who go over 40 weeks. One, I just had a feeling it would happen before for us; and two, I thought my little pumpkin would be as in a rush as her mommy always is.

And here we are today: 40 weeks and 6 days. So since I have nothing to do, until this baby comes (because I did everything already, being over prepared as I am), why not write-up the overview of what the third trimester was like?

From week 28 until around week 36/37 most of our time was spent around practical baby stuff. This was the time we needed to put it all together. So then began all the shopping, painting, and decorating. I have to say though, it was really fun! Planning out a nursery and seeing it come to life was so fulfilling… and we couldn’t stop imagining our little one sleeping and playing in there. So from painting the room, to getting furniture, buying clothes, toys, and gadgets, 10 weeks flew by! We tested out our car seat and stroller, washed and put away all the little clothes, and spent time rocking in our rocking chair and  just taking it all in!

Another great moment in the third trimester: baby-showers! Having a baby is one of those times you feel so appreciated and loved by everyone. It seems to me that it’s just one of those times where you see how truly the community wants to help you when they know a new member is on its way. We were blessed with 3 wonderful showers (one from family and two from our respective co-workers) and just felt the love, the concern, and the happiness that a baby brings to everyone around us too. You hear all the stories and you can see you are also bringing joy to others who are happily reminiscing on their own experiences.

Now, to the negative side. It is true! By 9 months you are so done being pregnant! You’re heavy, big, and rely on others to do many mundane tasks, like tying your shoes. Of course not everyone is the same, but the belly, the swollen ankles and feet that don’t fit to any of your shoes, the baby lying on your bladder and so on… make for a very uncomfortable last month. Add an extra week or two to that if you are overdue… and what a treat!!!

On the other hand, anxiety and expectations start to build up. Your hospital bag is probably packed by now and the countdown begins. You hit 37 weeks and you know your baby is full-term. 38 weeks… it can happen any day now… Your Braxton-Hicks are starting to play tricks on you and you think you might be going into labor at least 3 times before it actually happens. 40 weeks… OK, this is starting to get annoying and now you are scheduling non-stress tests and talking about inductions. Your mind keeps thinking about what day the baby is actually going to arrive, where will your water break, what will you do if you are at work, etc. By 41 weeks… you can’t even believe your still pregnant and start thinking you will be pregnant forever and that this baby is not going to come out.

And so the third trimester flies by… filled with exciting tasks in preparation for your bundle of joy and a lot of waiting and expectation too.

It’s a wonderfully overwhelming month that culminates with the so anticipated day… the day where your life will change forever.

coming soon baby


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