New and Refreshed Two Tiny Feet

It’s been a long absence. A lot has happened. A lot has changed. But throughout this whole time, I have always held in my mind all the things I wanted to say and share. Two Tiny Feet was always with me. Never forgotten. If only there were an app that could translate to your blog what you were thinking… Since we are still far from that technology advancement, I would just jot down some notes and started many drafts that are now pending on my dashboard. I will slowly share my journey with you in the upcoming months. I can’t wait to share all that has been going on. For now, I just wanted to reintroduce Two Tiny Feet and it’s new and refreshed format.

As many of you know, I have lived both in the US and in Portugal through different times in my life. Although I am currently living in the US, I still wanted to be able to reach my Portuguese readers. So, this blog is now bilingual! When you reach the front page, you will see a Welcome page and you can choose your language. If you are a subscriber to my blog, you might start seeing Portuguese posts as well. Particularly now, when I will try to translate some of my past posts to catch up.

Also, one of the many updates of my life is a new partnership and business venture. You can read more about this in the Services section.

I hope everyone is happy with this new feature and I hope to be able to reach more readers who are interested in following these tiny footsteps!


Picture by: Brian A.


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