Making My Own Path To Happiness

I was invited to write as a guest blogger on my dear friend’s blog and website – Purpose & Path – a site on numerology, energy, and life guidance.

Here is this month’s post:


path to happiness

Photo by: jnyemb

When my best friend told me she was quitting her stable job in a time of economic recession to become a numerologist I thought: “Are you out of your mind???!!! I left our country and emigrated because I could not find a job and you are quitting yours?” But as a good friend I toned down my negativity, shared some of my concerns, but ultimately said I would support her in any of her decisions. And against all odds, in a fragile economy, and proving wrong all the nay sayers… she did it! She created a successful business and most importantly, was a much happier person and professional! And I was just thrilled seeing her so fulfilled.

Throughout this change, she has managed to “drag” me along with her. We talk so much about life, change, happiness, and she has made me think and look at numbers (and life) in a whole new way. I have found myself reconnected with a much more “spiritual” self, more mindful of my wishes, needs, and desires in that all so sought after road to happiness. I wanted to beam the same happiness I saw on her face, as I once used to.

Coincidence or not, it is on this month, month 5, month of change, that after a lot of reflection, discussion, and soul-searching, I decided to take my own leap of faith. Sometimes in life you just have to close your eyes and jump. Sometimes you can’t listen to the critics. Sometimes you can’t make decisions based exclusively on what’s rational. Sometimes you just have to follow your heart. Like my dear friend so many times has told me: if it makes you feel happy, than it’s because it’s the right thing to do. And, that’s what I am doing right now.

Since I have decided to leave my stable employment (as stable as a contract ending in the next few months can be) I have beamed more happiness than you could ever imagine. I took the leap of faith and am happy at home enjoying time with my beautiful baby that is blooming in front of my eyes. I get to be back with her, I have more time to think about myself, I am starting to have time to do things that I love (like writing), I am venturing out on new business opportunities, and most importantly, I get to stop. I can stop, reevaluate my priorities and develop a plan that will eventually bring me closer to my path of happiness.

See, many would say, “well you could do this while holding your job”. But can you really? When you feel like you are stuck it’s like having a cloud around you. You can’t see anything in front of you, just the present. And you stay there, stuck, trying to make ends meet, trying to make it to the next day, just mending patches in what needs to be immediately fixed. I now feel free. I can dream again, I can plan again, I can envision other paths. My 5 is allowing me to reboot and start fresh.

It is still too early to say where I am headed. But somehow, I just know, I just trust, that everything will be fine. I am not just trying to create a path to happiness. I am living the path and being happy while I create it.


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