How The #100HappyDays Challenge Has Changed Me

It has been one month since I started the #100HappyDays Challenge. Influenced by other people whom I follow on social media, I decided that I would give it a try. How hard can it be to post something that makes you happy every day? Well, unfortunately, sometimes it is really hard. We live in a fast-paced world and rarely do we slow down to reflect upon the simpler things in life. We move along from one obligation to the next and when we realize it a week, a month, a year as flown by.

For those who follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know that I started this adventure the first day I decided to stay home. So of course, my days have been a bit easier know that they are not full with the hustle and bustle of the full-time working mom days (although there is a lot to be said about the work of being a full-time mom too. But that topic I will leave for another post). And yes, I have a wonderful baby that makes me happy every day. But, to challenge myself, I try to really think of any other little or big thing that is making my life happier that day.

#100HappyDays has made me a more mindful person. Everyday I am forced to look back and think about sensations, feelings, thoughts that filled my spirit with positivity. Because of #100HappyDays, I practice gratitude every day. I count my blessings. I focus on what makes me fulfilled and happy. Sometimes it is something as simple as feeling the sun on my skin or the breeze blowing through my hair. Things that might have happened on other days, but because of all the craziness of the life you are living, you might not have the time to stop and think about it. And then you are in the perpetual grayness, where life just loses its color.

I am looking forward to the next 68 days of the challenge and hope that by the end it has become a daily practice that I can continue throughout life.

I am sold! Will you join me in this challenge? 



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