Daily Activities with a Baby – September 23, 2014

This was our activity for today:

an aquarium sensory bag!


sensory bag

What you need:

  • ziplock bag (preferably the ones that have the zipper, for added security);
  • cheap hair gel – I got this one at the Dollar Store and it was already blue. But you can also buy clear one and add food coloring;
  • Foam fish – we used this because we had it around the house from other projects;
  • Duct tape – to secure all ends.

Just add some hair gel to the ziplock bag, put in your fishy and duct tape all around! And voilà! Your baby can have fun pushing the fishy around the gooey bag! It’s cute and a great sensory activity for the kids! Touching different textures is a great tool for babies’ development.

You can do this in different themes and with different objects and substances. For example, you can use shaving cream or water. You can add different objects like small beads, buttons, and other plastic or foam toys and shapes. Just make sure you pick objects that won’t poke holes in the bag and if you have a younger baby that still puts everything in their mouths (I am there with you! When will that phase ever pass?) keep a close on eye on them in case the bag does get damaged and leaks.

Here are some other ideas:

  1. Sensory Baby for Baby by Plain Vanilla Mom
  2. Halloween Sensory Bag by Hands on as we Grow
  3. Glowing Sensory Bag by Growing a Jeweled Rose
  4. Button Sensory Bag by Falling Flanellboards
  5. Glittery Sensory Bag by IntelliDance

Get creative and share in the comments your own creations!



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