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Two Tiny Feet, One Big Heart

two tiny feet


I am a Clinical Psychologist by training with a Masters Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from the University of Lisbon and a Post-Grad in Infant-Parent Mental Health from UMass-Boston. I started Two Tiny Feet in 2012 so I could write and share my experiences, observations, and thoughts as an Early Childhood Mental Health Clinician. When I found out I was pregnant in 2013 and while living the experience of pregnancy and motherhood, it was impossible not to reflect on the personal transformation and impacts that this developmental change was having on me. So now, more and more, this blog is morphing into a personal space of reflection and from now on will also be available in two languages (english/portuguese).

At the beginning of this year (2014) I started a new project – Happy Baby Boston – and provide services for parents and babies in the Boston area (go to Services to find out more). This way, Two Tiny Feet will be a place dedicated to my personal experiences and Happy Baby Boston to my professional one.

I hope to keep company to anyone that is interested in “hearing” all about the journey of my tiny feet and big hearted baby as well as my observations and experience with other tiny feet and big hearted babies and adults. Because that’s what it all boils down to: love and human connection. 




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